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Console Utility Usage Scenarios

If you regularly perform the same operations on partitions (for example, loading data to a table, transferring Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) data to an analysis table at the end of each month) it can be useful for you to automate this process.

To demonstrate the abilities of the program and illustrate how you can create your own automation scenarios, we prepared a number of exemplary scenarios illustrating some common uses. All these scenarios are created based on the "from the simple to the complex": the first scenario is the simplest and each successive scenario is based on the previous one, and contains additional features.

  • Sample 1

    In this example, we use the dbo.Orders table partitioned by the OrderDate column. At the end of each month, a partition with new data is added to a table, and data from the earliest month is deleted.

  • Sample 2

    This scenario differs from the previous one in certain features: check-constraints are added to the table for limiting the data set to the desired range. But, these constraints need to be changed because the range is changed over time.

  • Sample 3

    In this example, we use the dbo.Orders and dbo.OrderDetails tables, dbo.OrderDetails has foreign key that refers to dbo.Orders. Now, you must perform all partitioning operations on both tables. Do not forget that the data must be consistent.

  • Sample 4

    In this scenario, data from the earliest months is transferred to the dbo.Orders_Archive and dbo.OrderDetails_Archive archive tables, instead of being deleted from the dbo.Orders and dbo.OrderDetails tables.